Welcome to the Seka Video Download Site. Seka is the Cleopatra of Classic Porn. Seka ruled the adult industry in the 1970s and 1980s as the first major porn queen and the standard by which all other pornstars are measured. Adult entertainment had never seen anyone like Seka when she made her debut in porn in 1978. She was a queen in an industry filled with mere subjects. Seka was an intimidating beauty; the kind of raw beauty that made men's jaws drop, their eyes riveted by stunning looks that produced instant erections in her presence. Seka was billed as the Platinum Princess during her days in adult films and Swedish Erotica loops. We have used today's modern technology to digitally enhance the Seka video collection and make it available for you to download today. Very rare Seka loops, classic features and lost episodes are waiting for you to enjoy. If you are an adult, enter above and get ready for to re-live the best of Seka.

Seka is the Cleopatra of Classic Porn for a reason. She literally ruled adult entertainment toward the end of the 35mm loops era and the early stages of video when every man could jack off to her in the privacy of their own home. Seka was the first female to demand that she get paid for her popularity. Before Seka, other big porn names merely performed sex on camera for the adventure and did not reap the benefits of the sexual exploits. Seka was different. Not only was she incredibly hot, but she had a savy business mind and her presence made men's knees buckle. Men were weak in Seka's presence. Like Cleopatra, she blazed trails previously closed to women seeking power over their own domain.  If you are an adult and want to see more of Seka click here.


Seka was born on the 15th of April 1954 in the Saint Albans Hospital which is located in Radford, Virginia. She grew up in the town and attended high-school at the nearby town of Hopewell. Seka's birth name is Dorothiea Hundley and it is with this name she went on to win many beauty pageants as a teenager. Seka had the nickname "Dottie" and it is with this that married and divorced when she was young. She ran an adult bookstore and, after complaining to her suppliers that she was more attractive than the models who were featured in the material she was selling to customers, she moved from the area to Las Vegas in the 1970's. While there Seka did a nude layout for a magazine which brought her major attention along with her first offer of shooting a video while she was still in her teens. It was soon after this that Seka moved to Los Angeles with her soon-to-be second husband Ken Yontz so that she could work full time on furthering her career in the nude modeling industry, under the stage name "Sweet Alice" (it is known that she had other aliases at the time, including "Lynda Grasser")


As Seka became known in the mid to late 70's, she changed her pseudonym to Seka. Seka chose this due to it being a reference to a kind girl ("little sweetheart" or "little darling") in Serbo-Croatian (although the name also means 'symbol' in the Sesotho language of South Africa). Her transgression into pornography came at a time (1978, when she was 24 years old) when the entire industry was changing from 35mm film to video and due to this added exposure she became one of the most popular stars of the time, performing early in her career in films with the late John Holmes (Seka has said in interviews since that Holmes had the biggest penis she has ever seen). This explosion in publicity led to a wild lifestyle which Seka freely admits ended with her spending a year in rehab after becoming addicted (to unknown substances). This lifestyle continued after she left the facility and resulted in a stint in a San Diego prison on the charge of "lewd conduct and obscene behavior". After this Seka became more responsible and focused on her career in adult movies.

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